Real oaty porridge

Real oaty porridge (500g)

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Wholegrain oats which includes the fibre-rich outer portion as well as the centre, milled by Yockenthwaite. The oats are freshly-rolled to order and are as unprocessed as they possibly can be with no further cooking or steaming, we believe they have a freshness you can really taste. We think it makes such a difference to the way the oats maintain their natural oils and flavour that you can make our Real Oaty Porridge with water, and still get a really creamy bowlful.

Oat flakes.
Allergens in bold. May also contain wheat and nuts.

 Nutritional Information:

  • ENERGY - 1550KJ
  • ENERGY - 367cal
  • FAT - 7.7g
  • of which SATURATES - 1.4g
  • CARBOHYDRATE - 62.3g
  • of which SUGARS - 1.1g
  • PROTEIN - 12.1g
  • SALT - 0.0g